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Now available in clinic plasma treatment for the non surgical blepharoplasty (tightening of the upper eye lids).

A simple yet effective treatment used by many plastic surgeons to tighten the upper eyelid so reducing the need for surgery.

Book in for a consultation for this latest and safe alternative to surgery.

It is also good for removing small moles, warts, stretch marks and acne scars.

Another addition to the treatment menu is profhilo. An amazing treatment to help remodel the skin creating a tightening effect.

a unique treatment made in Italy. see web page for more details

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Cheryl Pullen:Profile

Cheryl Pullen - Director of Calla Aesthetics Ltd and Qualified Nurse since 1990. Cheryl is also an Independent Prescriber specialising in Cosmetic and Aesthetic procedures. Since 2004 she has continously undertaken training and attended many conferences, keeping up to date with the latest procedures.



Latest News Section is Launched


Check out this section to stay up to date with the information on Aesthetic Treatments.

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Honest Reviews

Excellent results from the treatments. Cheryl explained and advised in a very professional way. I am very confident in the treatments that she carries out and I will continue to have further treatments as necessary.